Equipment Leasing

One Page Application.
Instant Credit Decisions.
Same Day Funding.

Anuva Capital offers you a fast, easy and hassle-free equipment financing process.

Getting An Equipment Lease Is Easy

60-Second Application

The first step is to complete and submit our one-page online application. It takes just 60 seconds on average.

Instant Credit Decisions

During the application process, our proprietary technology is used to provide you with an instant credit decision.

Same-Day Funding

With our ability to provide you with same day funding, you can get business equipment or technology fast.

Why Choose Anuva Capital?

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Benefits of Equipment Leasing

Helps Preserve Capital

With an equipment lease program, which is designed around your company’s equipment needs and budget, you make monthly lease payments over time. This lets you to save capital for business expenses, payroll, and more

Protects Credit Lines

Equipment leasing lets you keep your company’s credit lines open and strengthen the cash flow. Having an open credit line allows you to respond right away in a time of need.

Keeps Equipment Current

Once your equipment lease is up, you can either buy it or upgrade to a newer, more advanced version. Having the latest equipment and/or technology can give your company a competitive advantage.

Section 179 Tax Benefits

The Section 179 tax deduction applies to certain types of qualifying equipment and technology that are leased. Consult with your accountant or tax advisor to find out if your equipment is eligible.

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